Kinesiology Taping for Posture

09 March, 2016 1 comments Leave a comment

While poor posture takes a toll on the spine, the underlying effects may not be as obvious. Shoulder, neck and upper back pain are often associated with posture problems and can get in the way of everyday activities. With this TheraBand Kinesiology Taping for posture support, you can alleviate the stress of almost any condition associated poor posture, such asUpper Crossed Syndrome, headaches, forward head posture, cervical radiculopathy and more. Grab some TheraBand Kinesiology Tape and let’s get started!

Kinesiology taping for posture correction

Most published research on postural improvement after kinesiology taping are case studies. Back in 2013, Hwang-Bo et al.studied the effects of kinesiology taping in a female sedentary worker with rounded shoulder posture. Kinesiology tape was applied with approximately 50-60% stretch to accommodate for a more rounded posture in the dominant upper back and shoulder, and approximately 40-50% stretch in the non-dominant upper back and shoulder, without stretch at the end of the tape, while holding the shoulder retraction posture.

After one month of kinesiology taping, the rounded shoulder posture improved progressively and the dominant upper back pain gradually disappeared. The patient no longer complained of dominant upper back pain during deskwork.

Watch as our tape guru Dr. Greg Doerr breaks down his
postural correction kinesiology taping!

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