Dynamic Tape - Innovative Therapeutic Taping

27 July, 2017 4 comments Leave a comment

Dynamic Tape is not a kinesiology or athletic tape. It is a Biomechanical Tape, an entirely new category of sports and therapeutic taping. Dynamic Tape is an innovative, 4-way stretching tape with strong elastic resistance and recoil of varying grades, absorb and inject force to reduce the workload on the body, especially injured issues.

Dynamic Tape is a revolution in taping:

  • it is composed of a synthetic, stretch nylon & lycra cloth
  • it is designed to stretch in all directions (4-way stretching) as opposed to only a longitudinally (2-way stretching)
  • it has many times the resistance and recoil, likened to a bungee cord
  • it can stretch to over 200% of its resting length with no restrictive end point. This prevents the tape from being applied with the body part in a shortened position while maintaining full range
  • it is designed to work mechanically, designed to optimise movement patterns while absorbing load and re-injecting that energy back into movement, all without limiting range of motion

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  1. Lezanne Vermaak April 22, 2018


    When is the next course ?

  2. Jacqueline April 13, 2018

    Wanneer is daar weer n kursus ons het 2 fisio’s wat belangstel.

  3. Lize February 23, 2018

    hi I would also like to know the next course date for taping please


  4. Marietjie February 13, 2018

    Any upcoming courses(2018) for the public?

    Kind regards

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