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Balance and training products are carefully designed and crafted to help all populations improve their balance. And while, most people believe that the elderly population is concerned about balance, the truth is balance plays a key role in everyone's health.

Professional athletes now recognize that balance training helps them to perform better in their sports, especially building and maintaining a strong core. 

Not all balance training equipment is created equally. Togu Balance products are one of the most advanced, top-quality durable training and balance therapy products on the market today. 

The Top 5 Benefits of Balance Training with TOGU include:

  • Improve functional mobility in daily tasks and activities
  • Increase static and active balance
  • Cultivate strength in large muscle groups, stabiliser muscles and the core
  • Increase ease of movement in day-to-day activities including walking, running, and transfers
  • Improve posture and ability to maintain a neutral position of the spine both in static and active positions

TOGU range of quality balance products:

Balanza BallStep: The Togu Balanza Ballstep is the perfect tool to use for both sensory-motor training and functional training. The Balanza trainer was designed with air-filled balls with ABS technology underneath a wooden platform creating dynamic instability. This works to activate deep stabilizing muscles and joints necessary for balance and functional training for stability. Whether as part of therapy or fitness, the Togu Balanza Ballstep trainer is a cutting-edge item to add to any regimen.

Why is the Togu Balanza Ballstep Superior:

The Togu Balanza trainer accommodates all fitness levels, including those new to sensory-motor training. With instability training, the body instinctively tries to rebalance itself activating and strengthening stabilizing muscles and joints.

Use the TOGU Training Charts for great exercise guidance:

TOGU Balanza Exercise Chart

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