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Beartrap Massager

The Beartrap is a groundbreaking self-massage device that provides muscle pain relief and recovery along with enabling full-body muscle release.
R6 641,25 R6 325,00 excluding shipping

Lower Back Stretcher & Massager

The Lower Back Stretcher & Massager is especially valuable for back pain relief by rhythmic reciprocating traction.
R1 509,95 R1 265,00 excluding shipping

Senator Professional 3D Massager - Natural Bristle Pad Only

This attachment increases the blood circulation on the surface of the skin
R717,60 R460,00 excluding shipping

Terry Toweling Couch Cover

The Terry Toweling Couch cover is the ideal item for professional physiotherapists and massage/sports therapists who wish to keep their customers and patients as comfortable and relaxed as possible.
R401,35 R115,00 excluding shipping