Balanced Body MOTR is a versatile fitness equipment that combines the benefits of a foam roller, a Pilates reformer, and a resistance band into one compact and portable device. MOTR exercises involves lunges, squats, rows, chest presses, planks, and spinal extensions. The device is suitable for all fitness levels and can be used for rehabilitation, injury prevention, and sports performance.

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MOTR Grip Cover Only

Maximize your MOTR with our new Grip Cover. The Cover’s non-slip texture offers a grippy surface while you’re exercising, no matter how much you sweat!
R388,70 excluding shipping

Balanced Body® MOTR®

MOTR® is a versatile exercise tool that offers a truly unique, and multi-purpose exercise programmes. MOTR may look like a roller but it is far more than that.
R7 279,50 excluding shipping