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Easter Egg Hunt Rules

Spot the hidden HiTech Therapy Easter egg and win!

Up for a challenge? Join our Easter Egg Hunt starting the 4th of April 2022. We will be hiding HiTech Therapy Easter eggs on selected product pages. The eggs will move to a new position each day. We will be posting a riddle on our social media pages and stories to give you a clue where the egg will be hidden. When you spot it, enter the competition to win one of 5 vouchers worth R500.00 each that can be redeemed at

How to play:

  • The competition will start on the 4th of April 2022 and stretch over 5 days, ending on the 8th of April 2022.
  • Only products images containing the following easter eggs are valid

Thus, the competition will not include easter related promotional products/images.

  • The egg/s will move to a new product each day. There are 5 hidden easter eggs amongst 5 products located on the Hitech Therapy online website.
  • Riddles will be posted on HiTech Therapy’s social media pages on each of the competition days to give contestants a clue as to where the egg will be hidden.
  • Only one voucher per hidden egg can be won. Therefore, throughout the competition, only 5 x HiTech Therapy vouchers will be given away (One voucher every day during the 5-day competition week).
  • Once the contestant finds a product image containing an easter egg, a Screenshot/Photo/Snippet must be taken of the easter egg location.
  • Contestants must then share the screenshot on their Instagram and/or Facebook story, along with tagging the HiTech Therapy Online page (@hitech_therapy_online).
  • The contestant will automatically be entered into the lucky draw and stand a chance to win one of the HiTech Therapy vouchers.


Note: By following HiTech Therapy’s Instagram and Facebook pages you will have access to clues that will be given on the day about the whereabouts of the easter egg.


General information:

By participating in this competition, the contestant gives consent to use their name when announcing the winners on HiTech Therapy’s social media sites.


Winner selection:

Participants will enter the competition by sharing a screenshot/Photo/Snippet of the egg on their Instagram and/or Facebook stories and tagging the HiTech Therapy Online page (@hitech_therapy_online). The participants are entered into a lucky draw where a random winner selection will be made. One daily winner will be announced at the end of each day on HiTech Therapy’s Instagram story and win a Hitech Therapy voucher which will be emailed to the account holder.



5 Days = 1 winner per day.

Contestants selected out of the lucky draw will win a HiTech Therapy voucher of R500.00.


Happy Hunting!