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h/p/cosmos Treadmills Can't find what you're looking for? Ask us!

Buying a treadmill can be similar like buying a vehicle...
There are so many vehicles (bicycle, motorbike, small car, limousine, minibus, bus, F1 racing car, truck, train, air craft, space craft, etc.) because there are so many applications and perfect matching demands for these individual types of vehicles.To find the right vehicle for the required application a perfect coordination between the existing needs and the available types of vehicles is needed.There is a great scale of different specifications and different pricing levels for vehicles. It is impossible to meet all demands for all applications with one vehicle only.

The same applies for treadmills!
This is why h/p/cosmos has now a range of more than 100 different running machine models with different sizes (from deck size 150/50 cm until 450/300 cm), different specifications (speed range between 0…80 km/h, elevation from -35…+35%), different options and accessories and of course, with different prices.
So far we offer a range of different treadmill models for normal fitness, but also for athletic-training, biomechanics, medical and science applications. You can find even special systems for climatic chambers for humidity up to 100% in our program.

How do we as a user decide for the right running machine?
Specify precisely the result of the application, and we will find the right running machine for you. This matches our philosophy, image and especially our position in the market (for private home use, professional, institutional research, medical and rehabilitation, etc.)

Example: private user, fitness clubs, medical facilities and athletic-centers are aiming on very different goals. Therefore they need totally different equipment for achieving their goals.

This is why many professional and institutional users have chosen after long evaluations amongst others following systems:

  • the saturn® 300/100r with safety arch and wheelchair stabilizer and 60 km/h speed for athletic training and exercise physiology for runners and even involving bicycles and wheelchairs;
  • the pulsar® 3p with safety arch and downhill option, 45 km/h speed – also for athletic training and exercise physiology, speed performance training and functional training
  • the locomotion® with the un-weighting system h/p/cosmos airwalk se 135 for manual locomotion therapy in neurology and rehabilitation;
  • the mercury® med with arm support and additional keyboard which is a commonly used system in German rehab centers;
  • list can be continued ….

This procedure will meet your demands for almost all applications and situations you have specified as your goal to achieve.

Reducing the scale of options and accessories can be very critical. There would be no way to push an athlete to his maximum performance without giving him the comfort of safety through a fall prevention system. Likewise F1 racing pilots or cosmonauts in their spacecraft would not depart without a helmet and without a great scale of safety measurements, so they can focus on their performance without any fear.

You can just find the right equipment if you take enough time to browse and compare all available methodologies and technologies.

Consider that it might be dangerous to reduce recommended configurations because of limited budget. Of course budgets are never without limitation. But this is not just an issue about safety or quality!

There is a risk that alternative equipment or reduced configuration ends up in failure of the defined mission - achieving the specified results in your applications.

Aircrafts used by the well known airlines have the highest quality, are very safe, comfortable and powerful. But they will never bring a satellite to space and will never carry people to other planets. It would be the wrong vehicle for these specified particular results.

The recommended system configurations for the various running machine applications you can find on the h/p/cosmos website under applications:

They meet the demands of almost all applications and situations which we have been working with worldwide over many years of experience. We hope that this description could help to get a more detailed picture on our situation and how we work to assist you to achieve the results you need and you deserve.

To answer the questions from the beginning:
Medical, therapeutic and scientific institutions should not decide solely on special treadmills, because of clear difference in safety between fitness and medical treadmills (other electrical equipment, other certificates, other CE Mark, potential isolation, etc.), but because a fitness treadmill can never satisfy the demands of medical, therapy and science because of great limitations in design, ergonomics and system compatibility.

Our customers can be sure that h/p/cosmos not only helps with equipment and technologies, but also with great know how and more than 22 years of achievement in methodology and results in the applications

Please consider the natural and physical performance limitations of the single phase 230 volt voltage power supply. The single phase 230 volt voltage power supply is sufficient up to normal fitness performance diagnostics, but is not sufficient for all special high performance applications. So the 3-phase running machine models with 3 x 380…420 volts power supply (for example model pulsar 3p, venus or saturn) are the perfect and recommended solutions for high performance applications.

In case of single phase and/or low voltage supply there may performance limitations and limitation of max. speed with heavy subjects and/or special high performance applications. This may lead even to a stop or triggering of the fuse.

"High performance applications" include, but are not limited to, high speed running, controlled jump-ons, sidesteps, a number of co-ordination and functional training exercise, such as 90 - 360° rotations while running, heavy subjects at higher speed, extreme elevations uphill and/or downhill, etc.
It is impossible to state exact speeds, elevations and subjects weights for the definition of “high performance application” in this context, since the running style, the exact treadmill model, the chosen belt type, the maintenance status and many other details such as stability of local power supply are crucial for the point at which stage the single phase power supply will fail.

In almost all buildings there is 3-phase power supply available in the fuse box and electric compartment of each floor. Ask your local electrician. Even though there may not be a 3-phase outlet in the room for the treadmill, such a dedicated line for 3-phase power supply can be easily installed at very little costs from local electricians in almost all cases.
So no performance limitations need to be accepted, since 3-phase power supply is available almost everywhere. Special voltages (for example 110 Volts) are available on request, but are not recommended also because of possible limitations in performance.

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