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HiTech Therapy: Covid-19 Response



  • HiTech Therapy is still open, however working under strict guidelines. Most of our staff are working from home, though the head office (JHB) will be open a few days a week.

  • All branches are closed for walk-in customers.

  • You can still place orders online, through sales personnel or on our app. Orders will be delivered to you via courier services.







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Dear Friends
We sincerely hope you are safe and well.
Our world, our industry, our families, and our businesses are facing an unprecedented challenge going forward in this uncertain environment.
Our thoughts are with you, we care for your safety in these unsettling times.As a valued HiTech Therapy customer, your health, safety and the well-being of those in your community are important to us. 

We appreciate the trust and confidence you place in us, and we recognise our critical role in supporting you.  Now, more than ever, we want you to know we’re here for you and are committed to providing the support and solutions you need to best care for your patients.

The lockdown now looms.

The HiTech Therapy team is committed to adhere to all government regulations. We support President Ramaphosa’s decision to ‘flatten the curve’ of infections. We will comply with the lockdown rules.
However, we are still open … but working under strict guidelines. Most of our staff are working from home, however the head office will be open a few days a week.

HTT provides many critical care products that are in demand and it requires us to stay open at our head office in Johannesburg and offices in Cape Town. These include pulmonary products such as nebulisers, lung exercise devices - LUFT, peak flowmeters, bronchuvibes, disinfectant and hygiene products etc.

Our sales people will not visit you during this lock down of course, but will be making telephonic voice, text and mail contacts.

We are taking this opportunity to update our database, share some interesting ideas on line and on our social media platforms with you etc. Perhaps it’s time to look at a few articles, new innovative products and ideas that you would not have time to normally look at. We will be posting many interesting articles on our Website, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.



Did you know that we - HiTech Therapy - have our very own app?


You can place orders directly on the app, or even better, you can refer your customers to buy directly on the app too.

They will not receive the same price as the medical professional. If you buy and sell-on our products, you will still be able to do so, due to your professional pricing.

Look out for more details.

The campaign is aimed at helping the medical professional stay in touch with their clients and even to supply rehab and exercise kits to patients who should be doing rehab. 

By offering a (a) home rehab exercise kit, (b) Physiotools programs, (c) Bio-ex software programs, and ( d)YouTube videos that you can use for free and share with your patients, you can ‘stay in the game’ as well as gain some much needed revenue.


For Example...Try This:

Theraband CLX app… it's free and has 100’s of exercises you can share with your patients.

Best's free!
There are many others we will share with you.

Get The CLX App Here



We thank you for your support.
We will get through this, and do our best to emerge stronger.
Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone and their families.
To those infected, we hope for a speedy recovery.
To our healthcare providers, we offer our support and gratitude.
We look forward to assist you, our loyal customer, any way we can.

It will pass …. We will be ready on the other side!
Andrew de Kock