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LymphaTouch® Webinar

Learn how to apply the LymphaTouch medical device as part of manual treatment in Cancer Rehabilitation.


Webinar Content:

- Introduction to the topic.

- LymphaTouch treatment areas and case examples.

- Demonstration of LympaTouch.

- Latest study results.

- Take home message.




The LymphaTouch® device is a negative pressure treatment unit. The mechanical high frequency vibration generated by the unit enhances lymphatic drainage and circulation in the treated area making treatment faster and more efficient.

It can be used for various treatments including lymphedema, manual treatment in cancer rehabilitation, pre- and postoperative swelling and scarring, fascial tightness, muscle maintenance, active recovery, pain management and improving joint functionality.

The results of LymphaTouch® therapy can be assessed after treatment by analysing the patient’s VAS pain ratings, and by measuring changes in the circumference and range of motion of the treated limb.

LymphaTouch® activates the transportation of fluids in subcutaneous tissue to increase oxygen and nutrient flow around the treated area. LymphaTouch®  can be used for treating acute and chronic joint related injuries and conditions as well as musculoskeletal conditions such as tennis elbows (lateral epicondylitis), shoulder impingements, plantar fasciitis and a variety of knee conditions such as osteoarthritis. 
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