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NeuroTrac software update to stop re-activations

Please update all known to you NeuroTrac Software installations to the
latest version 5.0.106.
The easiest way to do this is to login and select Help->Check for updates.
Alternatively, download from our website:

This version has an important fix for Windows 10, but it also brings you all
the latest updates which you can read in Help->Changelog.

Important fix for Windows 10:

Version prior to 8.0.106 will require re-activation of your licence any time
windows 10 do an automatic update. This was just discovered, few days
ago. As a result, your customers will be prompted to re-activate one more
time and they are unhappy to loose yet another activation.

Our latest software 5.0.106 will check only for hardware updates to validate
the licence, it will stop checking for Windows changes.
Historically, Windows update will never change the system ID, but
recently Microsoft started to change this pretty regularly, even after patching
the current version of Windows. We do not want this to cause additional
troubles with unnecessary activation requests, so please do update as
soon as you can, Windows 10 is updating everyone this week! 

There is a chance that someone has already asked to re-activate after
Windows update, then she/he needs to proceed doing so the last time,
and then update to the latest software.  The installation of v5.0.106 will
eliminate this problem for the future but will not fix the activation issue if
it already happened.