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Services & Repairs

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Our experienced technicians utilise state-of-the-art testing equipment to assure that all repairs and maintenance are performed as specified by the original equipment manufacturer. We follow manufacturers guidelines, standards and procedures during testing, servicing and maintenance on equipment and use certified calibrated biomedical testing equipment. 

We Specialise in:
  • Ultrasound Calibration and Testing
  • Electrotherapy Verification and Calibration
  • Laser (Therapeutic) Testing and Calibration
  • EMG Functionality and Calibration
  • Servicing/ Maintenance and Repairs on a variety of Equipment
  • Software Support (Either locally or remotely)
  • Service Contracts
  • Re-occurring Service Schedules
  • Assessments on Equipment for Insurance purposes
  • Repairs and Maintenance on Diagnostic and Therapeutic Ultrasounds
  • Functionality Testing and Evaluation
  • Callibration of Force Gauges and Dynamometers
  • Isokinetic Repairs, Maintenance and Servicing
On-site Servicing and Maintenance:
A mobile team performs calibration, maintenance and servicing as well. This allows you, the customer, to have your equipment serviced or repaired on site. This service is especially offered to hospitals and bigger practices to keep their machines up to date with yearly maintenance schedules. Full reports on the machines are also completed for annual audits. These preventative measures assist you in controlling maintenance costs, mitigate medical risks and keep up-to-date with service intervals. HiTech Therapy reduces equipment down-time wherever possible.

Spare Parts and Components:
The Technical Service Department has a wide variety of electronic components for equipment repairs. HiTech Therapy is committed to keeping a supply of spares for imported and local equipment on hand, in South Africa, to ensure that your medical equipment can be repaired with as little down time as possible. 

Training and Installations:
These are also performed by our Technical Service Department to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with their equipment. A database of all repaired or maintained products is saved for future reference and an accompanying report and assessment of the device is made available.

Ongoing Support and Development:
Our Technical personnel are sent regularly to suppliers to keep up to date with new repair procedures, servicing and maintenance techniques.