Positioning Chairs

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Tumble Forms 2 Large Feeder Seat

Tumble Forms Feeder Seat Positioner is designed for feeding to the children and for any short-term activity at the home, clinic, or school.
R1 337,45 excluding shipping

Nook Positioning Chair

NOOK™ is a positioning chair that helps children and young people to adopt the correct sitting position with upright legs. It is worth saying that this position enforces the correct alignment of hips.
R17 825,00 R12 799,50 excluding shipping

Jordi Rehabilitation Chair

JORDI™ is a school-therapeutic chair, which works great for therapy and for fun, as well as other daily activities such as learning or eating meals.
R12 075,00 R9 142,50 excluding shipping

Kidoo Rehabilitation Chair

KIDOO™ is a therapeutic chair that is perfect for therapy and fun as well as other daily activities such as learning or taking meals.
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Jumbo Rehabilitation Chair

The JUMBO™ positioning chair is used for the initial upright standing of children in the sitting position.
R17 825,00 R10 925,00 excluding shipping

Zebra Invento Positional Chair

Rehabilitation chair ZEBRA invento™ is designed for children and young people who have significant locomotor deficits.
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