Balanced Body®Reformer Trapeze Combo™


Balanced Body®Reformer Trapeze Combo™

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The Balanced Body® Pilates Reformer Trapeze Combo™ is ideal for single practitioners, small studios, home use or any setting where space is limited.

It combines a complete Studio Reformer® with a Trapeze Table, which makes a deluxe machine with top-of-the-line features and functionality that requires no more floor space than a Reformer. Originally created by Balanced Body® for Marika Molnar in 1994.

  • Stainless steel frame: the canopy frame is now built of stainless steel instead of chrome. You will love its sleek look that it is smooth and easy to maintain. It is also resistant to chipping, pitting, corrosion and discoloration, and its fabrication is more environmentally responsible.
  • Slide System for the push-through bar: repositioning the bar is a fast, one-person job that will not interrupt the flow of your session. Bonus: it is quiet to use and maintenance-free.

Easiest conversion system available

To convert from Reformer to Tower, two lightweight mats fit over the carriage and on top of the frame. No need to lift, flip or turn the carriage.

  • To convert from Tower to Reformer, twin mats lift off to reveal the Reformer concealed in the frame. Then just lift the risers, insert the shoulder rests and raise the footbar.

Note: Optional Face Rest requires factory-drilled mounting holes on your Reformer Trapeze Combination, which must be requested at time of ordering your new machine.

This is not a stock item. Please allow for 6 - 8 weeks lead time

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