Band Loops by TheraBand®


Band Loops by TheraBand®

Band Loops by TheraBand®


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No more having to knot your bands!

Now for the first time you can get famous Theraband quality in continuous loop elastic bands. And they come in the familiar Theraband colours and progressive resistances!
Band Loops by TheraBand® are 28cm wide loops which can be used for a variety of applications, particularly lower body exercises to increase strength and balance, in keeping with the authentic Theraband System of Progressive Resistance.

Each band loop comes individually packaged in a sealed polybag, along with safety instructions.
You'll love the pre-measured lengths, compact size, and ease of use of these new band loops. Not to mention, no more knotting! 

For over 30 years, physical therapists and other health care professionals have relied upon the quality and consistency of Theraband bands and tubing. Theraband band loops have been engineered to provide the same resistance levels, system of progression, and preferred quality as other Therabands endorsed by the American Physical Therapy Association. This is quality you can depend on.

Field Trials
In field trials of the new Theraband band loops, patients in rehab preferred the loops to traditional knotted bands - and reported less breakage. Lower extremity patients used band loops for resisted lateral walking, hip abduction, and ankle dorsiflexion. Upper extremity patients used the band loops for shoulder abduction and external rotation.

Band Loops by TheraBand® comes in 4 colours, each represents a certain strength, see below:
  • Yellow (Extra-Light)
  • Red (Light) 
  • Green (Medium)
  • Blue (Heavy) 

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