Chattanooga Mobile Shockwave


Chattanooga Mobile Shockwave

Chattanooga Mobile Shockwave


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Like our bigger Intelect unit, the Mobile RPW offers radial pressure wave treatment as a non-invasive treatment solution for chronic tendonapathies and other soft tissue disorders. Treatments administered to the affected areas stimulate the regeneration process of injured tissues which have sustained histological changes.

Radial pressure wave therapy is best indicated for resilient conditions that have not responded to traditional therapy.

Physiological effects of the shockwave include: increased cell permeability, neovascularization, pain control and reduction of adhesions and fibrotic tissue prohibitive of healing.


Simple, user-friendly navigation
Transmission gel bottle holder
Transport handle
Single and Continuous shocks
   -Frequency D-actor: 8 - 15 Hz
   -Frequency V-actor: 8 - 21 Hz

1-4 Bars of pressure, infinitely variable with precise adjustments of 0.1 increments.
DC quiet compressor
Universal power supply 100-240 VAC
3 year warranty (accessories 1 year)
V-Actor Hand piece option
USB connectivity 


Myofacial pain
Muscle tendon tissue activation
Tendon attachment & site illness
Acupuncture Shockwave Therapy

D-ACTOR® Applicator (Included)

The D-ACTOR® applicator can be used with a variety of transmitters for the generation of shockwaves, or a combination of shockwaves and vibrations.


Myofascial trigger points
Disorders of tendon insertions
Activation and tightening of muscle and connective tissue
Acupuncture shock wave therapy
Cellulite treatment (stages I – III)
Elimination of lymphatic congestion
Regulation of muscle tone
Medical massage 

V-ACTOR® Applicator (Optional Extra)

The V-ACTOR® applicator, used for vibration treatment, is an ideal complement to Radial Wave Therapy and contributes to long-lasting results.


Body shaping
Lymphatic drainage
Wellness massage
Muscle and connective tissue activation

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