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COMPEX Performance (Demo Unit)

COMPEX Performance (Demo Unit)


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mi-READY: tailor-made electrostimulation with optimal efficiency and unparalleled comfort. The muscle intelligence™ technology is preset in this stimulator. The mi-SCAN, mi-TENS and mi-RANGE functions are activated when the mi-SENSOR is connected (sold separately). 

Upgradeable product, ready to accept mi-SENSOR, the Compex Performance mi-READY allows you to work in a more precise, personalised and targeted way. It supports sportsmen and women with a taste for regular, intense effort.
  • Choose from 7 areas of work for specific stimulation tailored to each part of the body.
  • Product upgradeable using the pre-installed mi-READY technology (with purchase of the mi-sensor). Mi-technology functions: mi-scan, mi-range, mi-TENS.
  • 5 levels of work, to develop and progress, session by session.
  • 4 stimulation channels for complete work sessions.
  • The "i" button enables you to:
    1. increase the energies on several channels simultaneously
    2. access the last programme used on the menu
  • 8 programme categories: warm up, sport, fitness, body sculpt, recovery, pain relief, rehabilitation, test.
  • LCD screen with backlighting for easy viewing in all situations.
  • The "Easy Snap" connection system allowing you to connect the cable to the electrode with one hand, simply by pressing (even for the back!).
  • Training statistics.
There is an Internet site dedicated to starting the use of your apparatus so that you can discover on line the principal functions, tips for use, all with accompanying videos, click below to view:


All models carry a warranty of 2 Year from date of purchase.  The warranty applies to the stimulator, mi-sensor cable, remote control, module and the docking station only.  The warranty does not apply to the battery, leads or electrodes.  Warranty does not apply to damage resulting from:

1. Failure to follow the operating manual
2. Accidents
3. Abuse
4. Alteration or 
5. disassembly
6. Impact

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