Compex Physio 5 (Demo Unit)


Compex Physio 5 (Demo Unit) Compex Physio 5 (Demo Unit)

Compex Physio 5 (Demo Unit)


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Main Features: 

  • Programmable: Create and personalize programmes, in order to customize the parameters specific to patients.
  • 2+2 function: Choose one programme for channel 1 and 2, and then select one programme from the 2+2 programme list for channel 3 and 4. This allows treatment of two different body parts, or two patients at the same time, or combine NMES and TENS as one treatment.
  • 31 unique programmes: Indication-specific programmes make it easy for the PT to treat a patient with the optimal programme parameters. These indications cover Pain relief, Rehabilitation, Incontinence, Conditioning and Aesthetic categories. A carefully selected collection of the best programmes from Cefar and Compex.
  • A complete device: In addition of standard programmes, Denervated and Iontophoresis treatments.
  • Stimulator features:
    • i-button: Allows you to adjust the energy on all four channels at the same time. In custom programme mode the i-button allows you to monitor parameter settings of the programme.
    • Active rest: Automatic adjustment of the active rest energy to 50% of the contraction energy.
    • Pause: Make a pause of ongoing stimulation when electrodes need to be repositioned.
Other Features
  • A detailed Practical Guide: Guidelines and treatment recommendations as well as technical parameters for all programmes included in the stimulator are provided. On the fold out cover there are illustrations of the suggested electrode placements.
  • Motor point pen: Included in the kit. This very useful tool together with the dedicated programme, helps ensure the optimal electrode placement. Rechargeable battery: With the charger included in the kit, a full cycle of recharging will take a maximum of 2.5 hours.
  • IPS (Independent Protection System) is implemented to survey all pulses generated from the 4 channels. If the energy is sent out in an unwanted way, the protection system immediately stops any transfer of energy and turns off the device.


All models carry a warranty of 2 Year from date of purchase.  The warranty applies to the stimulator, mi-sensor cable, remote control, module and the docking station only.  The warranty does not apply to the battery, leads or electrodes.  Warranty does not apply to damage resulting from:

1. Failure to follow the operating manual
2. Accidents
3. Abuse
4. Alteration or 
5. disassembly
6. Impact

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