Cyclo-Therapy Cyclopad


Cyclo-Therapy Cyclopad

Cyclo-Therapy Cyclopad

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Though primarily designed as a back massager, the Cyclopad is versatile and can be us to help in many different ways:

  • Placed under your legs or thigh to help relieve lower leg pain and conditions like RLS
  • Sat against to soothe lower back problems and conditions such as coccyx pain.
  • Laid on or placed on chair backs to relieve upper back and shoulder pain.
  • The Therapy Cyclopad is created with our unique NHC Cyclo-Massage system inside, this massage systems offers drug free pain relief by gently  easing away aches, pains and cramps without applying pressure that may cause discomfort. Portable, comfortable and easy to use, the Therapy Cyclopad can be used anywhere in your home, at a friends or family members house or even on holiday.

Cyclo-Therapy is characterized by a unique three-dimensional vibration generated by a special electromechanical oscillator. 

The Cyclo-Therapy unit has a very special suspension system, which is the reason it does not generate a single-plane vibration but a three-dimensional “cycloidal vibration” in a circular movement. Initially there is no obvious difference between the feel of a conventional massage vibrator and a cycloidal vibrator. However, conventional units can produce aggressive slapping or pounding vibrations of high amplitude which are on a single-plane and have a high fundamental frequency. This ultimately produces an uncomfortable sensation that in some cases can be damaging to muscles and soft tissue. This type of suspension improves upon the action of a single-plane vibration by adding additional dimensions of motion both transversely and radially from the vibration generator. This causes the energy to penetrate gently and deeply into the body.

In order to determine the strength of vibration, acceleration rates must be measured:
• Cycloidal vibration acceleration rate is very low - approximately twenty eight meters per second squared
• Other techniques of vibration produce about one thousand two hundred and ninety meters per second squared. That is about fifty times greater than a Cycloidal vibration generator
This is what sets cycloidal vibration apart …. It is a Non-Aggressive technique

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