Ergostyle Hylo Chiropractic Table


Ergostyle Hylo Chiropractic Table

Ergostyle Hylo Chiropractic Table

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Table Features
• Tilting degrees: 0 to 63 degrees
• Tilting mechanism: Gear drive hydraulics with a
   "soft stop" in the down position
• Tilt speed up: 9 seconds
• Tilt speed down: 11 seconds constant with
   Automatic Weight Compensation
• Ergonomic design includes bilateral control
   placement, free falling accelerating drops and
   gas-assist on headpieces and drops

• Table Height variable from 48cm (19”) to 81 cm (32”)
  with electric elevation
• 60 cm (23.5”) width seamless cushions with
  multidensity foam underneath
• Table Length: 177cm (69.5”) to 193 cm (76”)
• Table Weight: 145 kg (320 lbs)
• Lifting Capacity: 181 kg (400 lbs)

Options Available:
• Auto Flexion
• Auto Cocking
• Various Head piece configurations
• Tilting, elevating headpieces with full drops
• Extending self-locking ankle rest with ankle cuffs

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