EV-820A Standard Pain-Care TENS


EV-820A Standard Pain-Care TENS

EV-820A Standard Pain-Care TENS

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The Pain-Care TENS is a simple TENS unit
with 9 preset programs used for daily chronic
and acute pain relief.
The program and timer are selected by a
press button. The application of programs
are showing clearly on the back-lit LCD,
which will be convenient for the users.
Low battery indicator will show up when
the power is low.

- 9 Preset programs.
- Backlit LCD
- User-Friendly operation of unit
- Flip top cover
- Belt Clip

- Pulse Amplitude: Adjustable, 0-80 mA peak
   into 500 ohm load each channel.
- Wave Form: Asymmetrical Bi-Phasic
   Square Pulse
- Size: 10cm(L) x 6.3cm(W) x 2.4cm(H)
- Weight :118.5 grams with batteries
- Timer: 15, 30, 60 minutes, and
   C(continuous) mode select able.
- P Mode: The pre-set parameters of the
   9 programs are as given below.
   All Programs have a Selectable
   Treatment Timer.


All models carry a warranty of 1 Year from date of purchase.  The warranty applies to the simulator only.  The warranty does not apply to the leads or electrodes.  Warranty does not apply to damage resulting from:

1. Failure to follow the operating manual
2. Accidents
3. Abuse
4. Alteration or 
5. disassembly

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