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Fitness Maker Professional

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Fitness Maker Professional is our premier and most popular
personal trainer software. It combines all of the features of
Fitness Maker and Nutrition Maker into one seamless package.
This integrated personal trainer software program promotes goal
tracking, fitness assessment, provides nutrition guidelines, prints
meal plans, assists with fitness program development, performs
extensive reporting, and much more.

General Features of Fitness Maker Professional fitness assessment software:

  • Stores client contact information
  • Unlimited number of clients.
  • Client before and after photos.
  • Program supports multiple trainers (see options or License tab for details).
  • Over 100 fitness tests many with normative values.
  • Built in test protocols with instructions.
  • Built in test calculators.
  • Health history and medical questionnaires included.
  • RD designed meal plans.
  • Shopping lists.
  • Recipes.
  • Create custom questionnaires.
  • Flags client health risk issues.
  • Formulates measurable and realistic goals.
  • Add tests.
  • Print or email color reports.
  • Group to group analysis.
  • Individual to group analysis.
  • Simple and condensed exercise library.

    What will Fitness Maker Professional personal trainer
    software do for you?

    Personal trainers, wellness coaches, nutritionists and related
    health professionals provide daily motivation and expertise.
    With thousands of trainers competing against you, set yourself
    apart from the rest. Fitness Maker Professional personal trainer
    software gives you the advantage of providing professional fitness
    testing and expert nutritional consults. 

    Enhance professional image, retain and attract new clients,
    improve training quality

    • The fitness assessment software component provides a
      tangible test summary of results and reflects your
      professionalism not just your client but to all others who see it.
    • Fitness assessment software progress reports form a basis
      for continued efforts and keep your client motivated focused
      on goal achievement.
    • A wide variety of current tests, goals, and reports, ensures
      your personal trainer software is effective and comprehensive
      and like your services, remains successful, interesting and
      up to date. Built in normative values in the fitness assessment
      software helps your client to better understand their fitness level.
    • Colorful and detailed reports of the fitness assessment
      software will set you apart from your peers; be the personal
      trainer that everyone talks about and wants to hire.
    • Fitness Maker Professional links with our Exercise Expert
      exercise software (optional purchase), so your fitness
      assessment software can be used to develop new and
      creative exercise programs.
    • Provide nutritional services and enhance your client satisfaction
      with education on weight loss and proper nutrition.
    • Help your client move into a healthy eating lifestyle by providing
      accurate calorie baseline and providing them with detailed
      and comprehensive meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists.

    Fitness assessment software test features:

    • Over 100 pre-defined tests, many with population normative
      values (body composition, girth, flexibility, strength, VO2, youth,
      presidential fitness and more.) including detailed instructions
      on how to perform tests. See fitness assessment software tests
      for a complete overview.
    • Color graphing reports.
    • Built in test protocols.
    • Edit and create test or protocols.
    • Built in calculators (Body Fat, Heart Rate, Girth, Flexibility,
      Strength, VO2, etc.

    Fitness assessment software test result screen:

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