Powercore Foam Roller


Powercore Foam Roller Powercore Foam Roller Powercore Foam Roller

Powercore Foam Roller


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Foam Rolling can provide great benefit both before and after a workout. Foam rolling prior to a workout can help to decrease muscle density and allow for better warm-up. Using a foam roller can provide similar benefits as deep-tissue massage. By increasing flexibility and decreasing muscle tension, it can help prevent injury and improve performance. 
Pilates, yoga, rehabilitation, and many other exercises can be enhanced with the addition of foam rollers. Use them to help develop balance, postural alignment, and flexibility or as support for dynamic strength exercises. Ideal for self-myofascial release and massage therapy. 

Our Foam Rollers come with an extensive exercise chart.
Powercore Foam Roller (Full) 90cm - Solid
Powercore Foam Roller (Full) 30cm - Marble

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