Globus Elite EMS 150


Globus Elite EMS 150

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This electro muscle stimulator is designed for sport and fitness, but focuses specially on beauty treatments, thanks to the new sequential stimulation currents, which have great draining effects. This device is great for both the female and male body requirements. Simple, robust and reliable!

It is able to enhance and improve the effect of a sports session for those who practice a regular physical activity but also for athletes who want to improve the tone and appearance of certain muscles.

Synchro Stim - Special Feature:
The Syncro Stim feature lets you set the stimulation intensity on four different channels at the same time with only one button, on the appliances that have this feature. This feature is particularly useful for advanced users or those who use the appliance frequently, because it brings stimulation intensity close to work values very quickly and it allows to fine-tune the intensity of each single channel.


  • 12 - Sport
  • 14 - Beauty
  • 12 - TENS & Pain
  • 3 - Rehab
  • 6 - Fitness
  • “3S” (Serial Sequential Stimulation)

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