Globus Kineo Multistation


Globus Kineo Multistation Globus Kineo Multistation Globus Kineo Multistation Globus Kineo Multistation

Globus Kineo Multistation

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The next evolution in rehabilitation and training

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Absolute load control

Raising the bar in rehabilitation and training

What until recently was still considered theories are now accepted practices thanks to our Kineo, a multitasking ergonomic platform that will give you the possibility to differentiate the activities of muscular work in a highly efficient and accurate way. Find out how!

Kineo Multistation 7000 is our flagship. Designed around the needs of the most demanding professionals, this platform can train systematically and thoroughly each and every body muscle. KM7000 is currently made up of three different platforms: Leg Extension, Pulley and Squat. The three platforms combined allow athletes to work out effectively and precisely on torso, lower and upper body muscles, respecting the body’s natural physiology.

A particular interesting feature of KM7000 is the new Squat platform. This platform lets athletes work out (also Isokinetically) in closed chain when performing squats or squat jumps, as well as during both skill assessment and training. Another compelling feature of KM7000 is the Leg Curl platform (optional) to be easily set up in place of the Squat’s.

- LEG CURL (Optional)

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