Hospital Grade Ultrasonic Nebuliser (WH802)


Hospital Grade Ultrasonic Nebuliser (WH802)


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The WH802 Hospital Grade Ultrasonic Nebuliser converts medicine into aerosol particles of 1 to 5μm (micron) to facilitate quicker and deeper absorption of medication into patients lungs. Liquid medicine atomizing particles can go into the inflamed parts of the respiratory tract directly to achieve fast and effective relief from pain and eliminating inflammation. With its double chamber and large nebulising volume it facilitates two people usage simultaneously. 
- Large nebulising volume
- Great value for money
- Good stability and continuous working time
- Double-chamber, used for two person at the same time
- Works with almost no noise
- Compact and easy to use
    Specifications and applications:
    • Particle size: 1 - 5μm (micron)
    • Nebulisation capacity: 4ml/min
    • Medicine cup capacity: 60ml
    • Nebulisation time: Continuously or from 0 to 60 min for time setting
    • Product size (mm):160(W) x 310(L) x 270(H)
    • Weight: 4.2 kg
    Suggested Applications: Hospital, Clinical, Nursing Home, Home Care

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