Impulse Exploit Indoor Cycle Test


Impulse Exploit Indoor Cycle Test

Impulse Exploit Indoor Cycle Test

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The first thing we noticed when we unboxed the Impulse Exploit Indoor Cycle was its unique design. The bike has a distinctive and eye catching 'X' Frame Design that both saves weight and allows for fast, easy access to the seat and handlebar height adjustment handles.

Light Frame and Max User Weight
The Exploit is covered by a light commercial warranty, so it's not intended for extremely heavy usage. This model would be perfect for non-membership style facilities – schools, corporates, hotels etc, where there are fewer classes per week than a traditional health club.
It only weighs 52kg including the 20kg flywheel, so is one of the lightest commercial models available which is ideal for users who would need the bike(s) stored away after use.

Heavy Flywheel
On spin bikes or indoor cycles, the rolling momentum that the heavy flywheel heel gives is what makes them unique from Exercise bikes and are what create the realistic sensation that indoor riders strive for. The Exploit has a 20kg perimeter weighted flywheel which is perfect for this type of light commercial or home use, as we would normally suggest a flywheel weight of above 17kg.

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