Lumbar Home Traction


Lumbar Home Traction

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Lumbar Hometrac was designed for use at home by back pain sufferers. Its professional quality and durability make it a wise choice for small clinical settings. Users can easily control pressure by way of a pneumatic pump. The friction-free track creates a highly efficient, effective result, facilitating the use of less poundage while achieving better therapy than other, more expensive electronic traction units. 

Physiology of Lumbar Traction

Correctly performed traction benefits the body in the following manner:

  • Distraction or separation of the vertebral bodies 
  • Distraction and increased gliding motion of the weight-bearing facet joints
  • Improved tensile strength of the ligamentous structures that stabilize the spine
  • Widening of the intervertebral nerve spaces

Features & Benefits

  • Proven alternative to surgery
  • Safe - pressure valve limits the amount of force that can be utilised to a maximum of 200lbs - fast release valve for emergency situations
  • Comfortable
  • Use anywhere
  • 2 Traction Modes

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