MKW Laserpen LAX-P200


MKW Laserpen LAX-P200 MKW Laserpen LAX-P200

MKW Laserpen LAX-P200


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After the successful market launch of this application method took place more than a decade ago, the laser pen LA-X P200 has become the ultimate technological reference.

The laser pen LA-X P200 is suitable for small areas and specific point laser therapy – especially the treatment of pain, trigger, and acupuncture points.

Acupuncture is also helpful when treating animals. This is true for both traditional acupuncture and the modern variety with laser light. The method is basically the same, except that the treatment is entirely pain-free.

  • Point-precise and powerful
  • CW, multi-frequency and all standard frequency series pre-programmed
  • Free choice of frequencies with additional memory locations
  • Simple user guidance and optimum treatment comfort
  • Laser parameters can be set; settings are shown on the colour display
  • With point search function and automatic laser
  • Replaceable fibre-optic cables for special applications

There are two versions available:
LA-X P200       808 nm - 200 mW
LA-X P500       808 nm - 500 mW

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