MKW PowerTwin 21 | Laser Therapy


MKW PowerTwin 21 | Laser Therapy MKW PowerTwin 21 | Laser Therapy

MKW PowerTwin 21 | Laser Therapy

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Effective - Safe - Fast - Convenient

- Low Level Laser device
- Bio stimulating (photo-chemical) effect
- Tissue regeneration
- Inhibition of inflammation
- Improve circulation
- Pain relief
- Proven effective in numerous studies

Application features
- Apply directly to skin
- No painting or spiral movements necessary
- Fatigue-free application
- Gentle warming of treated area without the possibility of burning
- Can be used on humans and animals 

Design features
- Covered by special filter glass (shower adapter)
- Can be transformed into laser combo (comb adapter)
- With direct power supply
- No additional base unit necessary
- All settings directly on PowerTwin
- Large integrated colour display
- Mobile and light device

Technological features
- Works with 21 laser diodes
- Up to 100mW per laser diode
- Treatment area 8.5 squares
- Highest laser density
- Nearly homogeneous laser energy applied to the treatment area
- Additional resonance frequencies

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