Monark 874E Weight Ergometer Bike


Monark 874E Weight Ergometer Bike

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Monark has since a long time been associated with
safety and quality. With this in mind we created
Monark Ergomedic 874E. A new weight ergometer
with a softer design, and enforced frame.
New instrumentation to measure heart rate by using a
chest belt, speed, pedal revolutions, distance, time,
calorie consumptions and power in watts. 

- Large, well-balanced flywheel
- 22 kg (48 lbs).
- Adjustable seat height.
- Adjustable handlebar with quick release lever.
- Stable frame, solid steel tube.
- Power painted.
- Wheels for easy transport.
- Electronic display with heart rate.

Shows pedal-turns per minute (RPM),
heart rate in beats per minute (HR),
cycling-time in minutes and seconds (TIME),
intended cycling speed in km/miles per
hour (SPEED) plus distance covered in km/miles
(DISTANCE). In addition braking power can be set,
giving a reading of calorie consumption (CAL) and
power in watts (WATT). INCLUDED Chestbelt,
PC software.

The weight basket is a patented self-regulating
braking system which don't need calibration.
As long as the basket is in the air and the weights
are correct even the brakeforce is correct.
The mechanics of the weightbasket has been improved
wich will increase the safety of the releasing moment.
Delivered with a set of weights; four 1 kg, one 0,5 kg
and four 0,1 kg. The weight of the basket is 1 kg.
More weights can be purchased separately.

Weightbasket 0,5 kg, adjustable saddlepost,
sadel post for heavy use (250 kg / 550 lbs).
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