Mphi: MLS® ASA Laser


Mphi: MLS® ASA Laser

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Portable and easy to handle, ergonomic and easy to use, light and compact, Mphi offers MLS® Laser Therapy efficiency to out-patients departments and homes. With an intuitive backlit colour touchscreen monitor to help the operator.

Mphi was created to apply MLS® Laser Therapy on the affected areas and on the trigger points. The size of the handpiece Target Area, with a diameter of 2 cm, is excellent for acting simultaneously and uniformly on trigger points.

Main indications:  sprains, muscle tears, tendinitis, brachial neuralgia, craniofacial pain, bursitis, lumbago, arthritis, articular pain, oedema, hematoma. MLS® Laser Therapy improves the blood circulation and muscle relaxation; it also stimulates soft tissue repair – connective and epidermic – when injuries, burns or bed sores are present.

Technical characteristics

  • MLS® laser source with power up to 1.1W - Peak Power 25W
  • User interface based on a backlit colour touchscreen monitor
  • User-friendly management software
  • 4 treatment modes:
    A) specific pathologies
    B) pain treatment
    C) anti-oedema
    D) biostimulation
  • Contemporary management of two independent channels
  • Handpiece with Ø 2 cm Target Area highlighted by high efficiency LEDs
  • Personalizable treatment parameters
  • Automatic calculation of the issued energy according to set parameters
  • MLS® modulation in CPW and FPW
  • MLS® impulse modulation frequency from 1 to 2000 Hz in steps of 1Hz
  • 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% power levels
  • Fixed or variable duty cycle
  • Treatment time from 1” to 99’59” in steps of 1”

Supplied accessories and safety alarms

  • Laser emission warning light
  • Interlock
  • Audible alarm that can be set by the operator
  • Date and time functions
  • Password for device starting
  • Language change
  • Possibility of connecting a Laser emission signal repeater

Included accessories

  • N° 2 Laser Safety Goggles
  • Unit carrying case
  • Table handpiece holder
  • Shoulder strap for portable use


  • 36 x 28 x 10cm
  • 3 kg

Power supply

  • Lithium polymer battery
  • External power supply 18V‗ 50VA

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