Omron BF212 Body Composition Monitor


Omron BF212 Body Composition Monitor

Omron BF212 Body Composition Monitor


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 This clinically validated Omron BF212 Body Composition monitor is a great way to get accurate readings for your body fat and BMI as well as skeletal muscle measurement to get a complete overview of your body composition.

  • Measures body fat
  • Measures BMI
  • Measures skeletal muscle
  • 4 Sensors, one at each corner of the device
  • Clinically validated
  • Age range: 10-80 years
  • Increments : 100g
  • Maximum weight capacity : 150kg
  • User profile for 4 guests

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All models carry a warranty of 3 Year from date of purchase.  The warranty applies to the unit only.  The warranty does not apply to any of the accessories.  Warranty does not apply to damage resulting from:

1. Malicious Damage
2. Battery Leakage
3. Accidental Dropping
4. Water Damage

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