Pack ’N Go Desktop Massage System


Pack ’N Go Desktop Massage System Pack ’N Go Desktop Massage System

Pack ’N Go Desktop Massage System

Shanghai Sintang Industrial (MT)

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The Pack ‘N Go Desktop Massage System is a light and foldable massage unit that can go anywhere and set-up on any tabletop. Whether it be in the home or office, the sturdy Pack ‘N Go design is a snap to set up and adjust, allowing for massage sessions on the fly. Carrying case included.
  • Adjustable Face Cradle
  • Easy Angle and Height Adjustments on Face Cradle
  • Ultra Soft Upholstery
  • Padded Armrest
  • FREE Carrying Case Included
The Pack ’N Go Desktop Massage System is an easy way to build your business and perform massage therapy at off site locations with limited spaces such as offices, nursing homes and in patient healthcare facilities.
With its fast, easy setup the desktop massage system is ideal for on the go massage therapists and clients.
The adjustable face cradle allows for unlimited angle and height adjustments to fit the needs of any client.
The lightweight frame mounts on any desk or table and its multi adjustable components give perfect comfort.
Many therapists prefer to use massage equipment for clients who are wheelchair bound, bedridden, bariatric or geriatric. With its lightweight, condensed design our Pack’ N Go desktop massage system takes up a minimal amount of space and can often eliminate the need to transport a massage table or chair.

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