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Pelvic Therapeutic Massage Wand (EZ Magic)

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EZWands are made from medi­cal-grade glass and easy to clean. Pelvic floor muscles can be accessed via intra-vaginal or intra-rectal massage. EZMagic is a curved dilator shaped perfectly for trigger point massage.

EZMagic(XL) allows patients to successfully manage symptoms of pelvic floor muscle dysfunction and pain conditions by enabling access to hard to reach places. EZMagicXL is an extend­ed version of EZMagic allowing men, pregnant women and obese patients to self-massage. They can be used warm, cold or at room tem­perature.

EZMagic Wands:

- are Hypoallergenic, non-porous & extremely smooth

- are Sterilized & sealed before packaging

- are Patented for shape & method of use

- are Superior in strength & free of dangerous toxins

- will Never stain, retain odour or degrade

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