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The Power Web Exerciser is ideal for hand exercise and rehabilitation treatment. The Exercise Web provides a continuously resistive hand exercise for the rehabilitation of carpal tunnel, tendon injuries, fractures, and arthritis. The Exercise Web can be used in an almost endless number of ways, including for flexion, extension, opposition, and supination exercises. It is great for personal or professional use.
  • Great for physical therapy and resistive exercise training.
  • Perform flexion, extension, opposition and supination exercises.
  • Vary difficulty by moving to a different color, or by adjusting hand position and depth of finger insertion.
  • Take your hand exerciser with you wherever you go.
Five resistance levels available to customize a therapy program: 
  • Yellow (Extra Light) 
  • Red (Light) 
  • Green (Medium) 
  • Blue (Heavy)
  • Black (Extra Heavy) 

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