Powerdot Muscle Stimulator Uno Red


Powerdot Muscle Stimulator Uno Red Powerdot Muscle Stimulator Uno Red

Powerdot Muscle Stimulator Uno Red

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The innovative PowerDot uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to give your muscles a boost, so you can get more out of your workout.
The PowerDot is extremely small and easy to take on the go. Just set it up with the PowerDot smartphone app, and you're ready to start complete body strength training in no time flat.
EMS works by sending electrical signals to certain muscle groups through the soft electrode pads that attach to your body to manually create muscle contractions. This gets your muscles primed and ready, so when it comes time to hit the gym, you know you're getting the best workout possible.

PowerDot Uno includes:
  • The PowerDot device (available here in black or red)
  • (4) sets of electrode pads (last for 4 months of active training)
  • (1) 10cm and (1) 25cm lead cable
  • (1) Micro USB charging cable
  • (1) Carrying case
  • Mobile App with numerous preset programs

Additional Specifications:

  • (2) Independent Stimulation Channels
  • Bi-phasic square waveform
  • Peak voltage of 110V provided in small <1V increments (under 1k Ohm load)
  • FCC-approved Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy module
  • Supports Android 4.4+/iOS 7.0+ mobile devices

*Important Note: Each PowerDot is intended to be paired with up-to one smart phone/device. Resetting the PowerDot will allow for a transfer and pairing to a new smart phone/device


All models carry a warranty of 1 Year from date of purchase.  The warranty applies to the simulator only.  The warranty does not apply to the leads or electrodes.  Warranty does not apply to damage resulting from:

1. Failure to follow the operating manual
2. Accidents
3. Abuse
4. Alteration or 
5. disassembly

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