Pure Relief Massage Cream


Pure Relief Massage Cream


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Pure Relief Muscle Cream (500ml) is a topical analgesic cream, designed to provide maximum performance in massage and physical therapy treatment and has been developed specifically for the rehab professional.
Therapeutic Massage is an integral part of the injury treatment process, it assists and helps to:
  • Increase the local blood flow, which promotes muscle healing and repair.
  • Mobilise soft tissue and improve lymphatic drainage.
  • Break down adhesions that cause stiffness.
  • Bring nutrients to stressed muscles and joints.
  • Loosen muscles and relieves pain.
Pure Relief Muscle Cream is a blend of herbs, essential and natural oils which have been well researched and tested over many years for their anti-inflammatory properties, making this pain relieving analgesic cream unparalleled in its ability to deliver the desired relief over a short period of time. It is the ideal choice for stressed muscles, joint pain and common sports injuries. Pure Relief Muscle Cream contains no petroleum products and is paraben free.

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