Saehan Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer


Saehan Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer

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The Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer is from Saehan Corporation, a leading manufacturer of rehabilitation products. The Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer offers numerous features for standard screening work, as well as for assessing hand trauma and disease:

Operation The Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer is a precision instrument and its accuracy can be impaired by abuse. Have the patient use the wrist safety strap to minimise the chance of accidentally dropping the Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer.

To use the Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer: Set the adjustable handle to the desired spacing. Make sure the handle clip is located at the lowest (furthest) post from the gauge before moving the handle from one position to another. If you do not replace the handle in the correct position, inaccurate readings will result. Rotate the red peak-needle counter clockwise to 0. Let the patient arrange the instrument so that it fits in the hand comfortably. Request that the patient squeeze with maximum strength. The peak-hold needle will automatically record the highest force exerted. After the patient has used the instrument, record the reading. Reset the peak-hold needle to zero before recording new readings.
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