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Senator Professional 3D Massager

Senator Professional 3D Massager


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The Senator Professional 3D Massager is a professional, flat vibrating massager that is fitted with powerful motor for tri-dimensional movement. Combining optimal ergonomically design with an optimal cooling-system and optimal balance.  The Senator Professional 3D Massager features vertical as well as horizontal oscillations, providing a deep massage to relax the muscles and connective tissues. It's housing consists of impact-resistant synthetic-material and has been designed for the easy and inexpensive replacement of consumption parts.
  • Maintenance Free two speed electric motor (115 and 130 watts)
  • Rubber massage pad
  • Includes Nylon hypermia brush, and smooth sponge rubber 
  • Packaged in a convenient carry case with handle
  • Casing & massage plate are made from impact-resistant material
  • Designed to replace worn parts easily

The Senator increase the flow of blood to treated areas, thereby supplying the tissues with oxygen and nutrition (food), eliminating the waste products of metabolism and remove toxins and waste quicker out of the body.

The Senator causes vibrations which are transmitted to the skin and underlying tissues, which in turn:
  • Furthers blood circulation by widening veins and arteries
  • Loosens up the tissues
  • Relaxes tensions and cramps, muscles and muscle spasms
  • Improves metabolism
  • Positively affects the inner organs to be treated

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