Suction Catheter & Control


Suction Catheter & Control


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Suction catheters are flexible, long tubes used to remove respiratory secretions from the mouth and airways. The purpose of suctioning is to keep the airway clear of secretions and to prevent plugging. One end of the suction catheter is connected to a collection container (suction canister) and to any one of HiTech Therapy's suction units (Suction Pro, Suction Pump Aspirator and the Suction Portable). The open end is advanced through the airway (endotracheal or tracheostomy tube) to remove secretions.
  • Atraumatic, soft and rounded open tip with two lateral eyes.
  • Soft, frosted and kink resistant PVC tubing.
  • Colour coded connector for easy identification of size.
  • Extra smooth low friction surface tubing which facilitates easy intubation.
  • Single peel pack, sterile, and ready to use.
FG06 - Green, tube diameter +- 2 mm, length +- 370 mm
FG08 - Blue, tube diameter +- 2.9 mm, length +- 370 mm
FG10 - Black, tube diameter +- 3.3 mm, length +- 370 mm

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