Synergy Muscle Massager


Synergy Muscle Massager

Synergy Muscle Massager

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The Synergy Muscle Massager is a cordless percussion massage therapy device that helps relax sore and stiff muscles, improve mobility, promote circulation and assist with injury recovery. The Synergy Muscle Massager’s arm can be placed at 90°, 135° and 180° to increase usability.  With its 3 speeds, you can begin on lower frequencies for warming up or very tense or injured muscles and build up to higher speeds for larger muscles groups.

- Increases Blood Flow
- Clears Lactic Acid
- Breaks up Scar Tissue
- Releases Knots in Muscle Tissue
- Speeds Up Recovery
- Increases Range of Motion

- 5 Interchangeable Massage Heads
- Speed: up to 3300 strokes per minute
- 3 Speed options
- Charging time: 1.5 hour
- Colour: Black & Blue

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