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"State-of-the-art testing equipment to ensure that all repairs and maintenance are performed as specified by the original equipment manufacturer. We follow manufacturers' guidelines, standards, and procedures during testing, servicing, and maintenance of equipment."




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"The best research solutions for your equipment"



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On-site Servicing & Maintenance

Our technical department is equipped to handle maintenance tasks by sending a trained technician to your facility. After a brief discussion, we can dispatch our team to properly repair your equipment right where it is.



Customer Data

A database of all repaired or maintained equipment and product parts are saved for future reference, and an accompanying report and assessment of the device is made available.


Spares & Parts

Our technical service department has a wide variety of electronic components for equipment repairs. The team is committed to keeping a supply of spares for imported and local equipment on hand, in South Africa, to ensure that your practice equipment can be repaired with as little downtime as possible


Training & Installations

Our Technical personnel is qualified, factory-trained engineers who specialize in all of our product offerings, giving you peace of mind and confidence in knowing you always have up-to-date and optimally working equipment.


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Contact Number: 011 704 0002