Sport Bags

A sports bag, also known as kit or kit bag, is designed to carry sports equipment, and other essentials to and from sporting events, gyms, and fitness centers. HiTech Therapy’s sports bags are for personal and professional use by athletes or practitioners.

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Mueller Moonbag

The Mueller Moonbag features a multi-compartment design to keep essential supplies organised and readily available.
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Mueller Perfect Hero® Bag

The Mueller® HERO® Perfect is a large-capacity shoulder-carry kit for athletic trainers
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Mueller Hero® Epic Bag

The Mueller Epic Hero sports bag is a customizable sports bag with interchangeable accessories. The bag has a rugged lightweight nylon exterior with reflective piping for increased visibility in low light.
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Mueller Hero Response Bag

The Mueller® HERO® Response is a medium-capacity shoulder-carry kit for athletic trainers. It can be customised - swap, shift, configure and reconfigure the bag accessories just the way you need them.
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Mueller Hero® Utility Waist Bag

The Mueller® HERO® Utility Waist Pack puts what you need most right at your fingertips. Plus it offers the power of customization.
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Mueller Hero® Titan

The Mueller® HERO® Titan is a top-quality bag. It like a travelling training room for athletic trainers with the power of customization. Swap, shift, configure and reconfigure your Titan bag just the way you need them.
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d3 Sideline Bag

The d3 sideline pack will get any team off to a flying start and contains everything you will need to get players out there performing at their best.
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HiTech Therapy Sideline Bag

The HiTech Therapy Sideline Bag is a versatile bag suitable to be used on the field or as a side-line bag. Designed to carry all your sports medicine, taping, and strapping, along with your first aid supplies. Suitable for all types of sports.
R12 158,95 excluding shipping

Vulkan Grab Bag

Ideal for the individual sports person's kit bag on the field, in the home, or in the car.
R67,85 R46,00 excluding shipping