Straps, Pulleys & Exercise Handles

Exercise handles, straps, and pulleys are equipment used to assist in resistance training. They are typically used in combination to increase the intensity of a workout, allowing for a greater range of motion and more targeted strengthening of specific muscle groups. They are adjustable, allowing for a customized workout, as well as providing an additional level of stability and support.

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Theraband Station Accessories Kit

TheraBand Accessories Kit - includes Door Anchor, Assist Strap and set of Soft Grip Handles.
R304,75 excluding shipping

Theraband Extremity Strap with D-Ring Connector

The accessories assist in providing a range of motion, strength, balance and core training. Can be used for upper and lower body exercise.
R524,40 excluding shipping

Theraband Head Strap with D-Ring Connector

The Theraband Head strap with D-ring connector is easy to use. It is a versatile and effective tool for a variety of head and neck exercises, and it is a great addition to any fitness or rehabilitation routine.
R790,05 R460,00 excluding shipping

TheraBand Exercise Handles

TheraBand Elastic Resistance Accessories increase the amount of exercise you can do in combination with resistance bands and tubing.
R136,85 excluding shipping

Exercise Handles Adjustable (Soft)

Band and tubing accessories can be used to enhance a resistance exercise band and tubing workout. Handles offer comfortable and functional grips.
R127,65 excluding shipping

Synergy Shoulder Pulley

A Shoulder Pulley is an excellent tool for people undergoing shoulder rehabilitation in regaining and maintaining range of motion. It is an economic way to improve rotator cuff and shoulder range of motion after injury or surgery.
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TheraBand® Shoulder Pulley

The TheraBand® Shoulder Pulley is specifically designed to assist patients undergoing shoulder rehab in regaining and maintaining range of motion.
R626,75 excluding shipping

Synergy Suspension Trainer Only (No Anchor)

The Synergy Suspension Trainer enables you to do a variety of exercises with a single piece of exercise equipment.
R1 317,90 excluding shipping

TheraBand Stretch Strap

The TheraBand Stretch Strap is a revolutionary replacement for static stretching devices. Improving range of motion and flexibility is often one of the first goals in rehabilitation treatment.
R755,55 excluding shipping

The Groovi-Grippa Stretcher

This novel rigid belt with non-slip fabric and adjustable handles is a must to stretch muscles of the lower limb, mobilise the neck, or traction the neck to relieve neck pain or headaches.
R353,05 excluding shipping

Groovi Nexerciser

A revolutionary approach to managing cervical spine dysfunction, injury prevention, and strength training, the Groovi Nexerciser is designed specifically for isometric and isotonic neck muscle testing and exercise.
R441,60 excluding shipping

Theraband Assist Strap

The Theraband Assist Strap is a handy help for training with different Theraband bands and tubings. It extends the range of exercises you can perform at home or in professional settings.
R21,85 R11,50 excluding shipping

Rolyan Smart Handle

Rolyan Smart Handle takes the guesswork out of elastic band exercises by providing real-time feedback.
R402,50 excluding shipping