Tens & EMS Combination Units

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Digital EV-806P TENS & E-Stims

Perhaps one of the most innovative methods of helping to relieve nerve, joint, and muscular pain is through the use of TENS and EMS units. TENS and EMS units are a popular method of pain relief, offering safe, effective, and drug-free relief from a variety of musculoskeletal pain.
R1 151,15 excluding shipping

Digital 4-Channel EV-906 TENS & E-Stims

The EV-906 Digital TENS & EMS is a battery-operated unit that is a combination of TENS and EMS which can be used for muscle stimulation and pain relief
R1 856,10 excluding shipping

Roovjoy Digital Tens & EMS Unit

The Roovjoy tens and EMS machine is a physical therapy device for pain relief and muscle stimulation.
R1 273,05 excluding shipping

RoovJoy 3-in-1 TENS, EMS & Massage

The RoovJoy 3-in-1 is a dual-channel output TENS, EMS and MASSAGE stimulator.
R1 207,50 excluding shipping

NeuroTrac® MultiTENS

Neurotrac MultiTens is the ONLY TENS machine available today that can run two different TENS modalities at the same time. A Digital Dual Channel TENS unit
R3 391,35 excluding shipping

Neurotrac® TENS Sports XL

Neurotrac Sports XL is a professional unit that offers you a wide variety of functions including muscle building, toning, rehabilitation and cellulite reduction.
R4 991,00 excluding shipping

Neurotrac Rehabilitation Unit

The NeuroTrac Rehab is a powerful and reliable TENS and EMS device that offers flexibility, versatility, and convenience, making it an ideal solution for anyone seeking temporary pain relief and muscle strengthening.
R4 144,60 excluding shipping

NeuroTrac® Continence with Serial Number

The NeuroTrac Continence stimulator is home use, dual-channel neuromuscular stimulation device to help retrain your pelvic floor. The use of mild electrical stimulation can greatly improve the effectiveness of your pelvic floor exercises, particularly if you need help to contract the muscles yourself.
R4 144,60 excluding shipping

NeuroTrac® MyoPlus Pro

The Neurotrac MyoPlus Pro is designed to be used for a wide range of Physiotherapy, Sports and Rehabilitation applications including Continence and Stroke treatment.
R18 975,00 excluding shipping

PowerDot UNO Muscle Stimulator 2.0 Red

The 10 Preset programs + manual settings are designed to speed up muscle recovery, improve performance, and massage away tension from stress.
R5 119,80 excluding shipping

PowerDot DUO Muscle Stimulator 2.0 Red

The 10 Preset programs + manual settings are designed to speed up muscle recovery, improve performance, and massage away tension from stress.
R10 239,60 excluding shipping

Chattanooga Wireless Pro

The Wireless Professional is today’s most advanced electrotherapy unit, offering enhanced ease of use and convenience while saving space and time to optimize patient treatment.
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Chattanooga Physio

The Chattanooga Physio is a complete 4-channel stimulator that can be used for all aspects of Electrotherapy. The complete tool for electrotherapy.
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Chattanooga Rehab

The Chattanooga Rehab is the standard in rehabilitation. The Chattanooga Rehab is a 4 channel stimulator developed for Physiotherapists and Rehab Clinics requesting a standard way of using electrostimulation.
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Chattanooga Theta

Control your sessions of electrotherapy with the Chattanooga Theta. The Chattanooga Theta is a complete 4-channel stimulator developed to treat both standard (Pain, NMES) and specific protocols in rehabilitation.
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Compex Mini Wireless Muscle Stimulator

The Compex Mini wireless muscle stim device and TENS machine were created to help everybody embrace their fitness, recovery, and pain management, whether on the go, in the gym, or at home.
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Compex Sport 4.0

Including all the features of SP 2.0, SP 4.0 also offers rehabilitation programs that can be helpful for athletes with frequent injuries who practice their activity 3 times per week.
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Compex Sport 6.0

Compex Sport 6.0 improves your strength and restores muscle volume, helping you relax and recover faster.
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Compex Sport 8.0

Compex Sport 8.0 optimizes your strength and endurance and helps you recover faster while helping to avoid injury and treating pain.
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